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Prop 8 Protest at Honolulu Hale

November 15, 2008

They rallied from our nation's capital to the steps at San Francisco City Hall. Then to the streets of Honolulu. Here, more than 300 people crowded the lawn near Honolulu Hale, in protest of California's newly passed ban on same sex marriage.

"We're out for everybody and it's equality for all," Thomas Larabee said.

Proposition 8 passed on election night with 52 percent of the vote, just five months after the California Supreme Court overturned the ban against gay marriage.

"We're among 18-thousand people who right now are really in limbo because we were legally married. due to a 52 percent vote, which is not a big margin we're in limbo of what our rights really are," Charles Robbins said.

"It doesn't matter what the percentage was, 52 percent or 50 percent plus one vote, in the vibrant democracy that we live in the fact of the matter is the people have spoken," Mike Gabbard said.

State Senator Mike Gabbard, a long time advocate of traditional marriage, says the protestors should respect the voters' decision. Next session, Hawaii lawmakers will take a look at house Bill 907 which gives same-sex couples civil union rights. But Gabbard says those couples already receive more legal benefits than most.

"They get survivorship benefits, hospital visitation all those things are already covered in that so I don't see a need for anything else besides what we have covered in the books," Gabbard said.

"You want to be able to have the ability to have the same things, the health insurance the life insurance," Thomas Larabee said.

"There are so many rights that don't come under that," Pat Hendrickson said.

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