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Welcome Home Tulsi

My daughter Tulsi recently returned home from Iraq with her fellow Hawaii Army National Guard soldiers. We are so proud of her! Their homecoming was a touching and beautiful time for all of us. Please click here to see more pictures.
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Mike On the Issues
The High Cost of Living

The high cost of living in Hawaii is a problem that contributes to most other problems. To make ends meet, both parents work, the kids get in more trouble, the traffic gets worse, and nobody has time to relax and enjoy our beautiful Hawaii. My island-wide grassroots, political, and business connections will help me in pressing government to focus on reducing the cost of living in our Islands.


As a former member of the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization and Chair of the Ewa Transportation Committee, I have a good understanding of the traffic problems that we face. I'm ready to sit down with the State, City, landowners and developers, and do my best to improve our traffic situation. One "out of the box" solution is to give significant tax breaks to companies who allow employees to work at home. Also, government and businesses should offer employees financial incentives to work from home. This will decrease traffic, improve personal health, increase productivity, and strengthen families.


Hawaii has one of the highest property crime rates in the nation. Many of our loved ones have been ravaged by the use of "ice" and other illegal drugs. We need sufficient police officers on the beat in our communities so that the innocent are protected and can lead normal and peaceful lives, while the criminals get punished for their anti-social behavior.


With nearly two decades of experience in education as a teacher, counselor, and college administrator, I'm committed to helping to improve the education of our keiki. Our top priority should be paying our teachers better salaries. We also need to maximize the amount of money spent in the classroom and minimize bureaucratic costs. I support additional funding for the UH West Oahu campus so that it gets built in a timely manner.

The Cost of Government

Government is inefficient, bureaucratic, and expensive. We must reduce duplication of services between City and State government. We must have zero tolerance for government waste and corruption. What's really needed is an increase in our sense of ohana. With this sense of service to the community, government will automatically be more productive and efficient and government employees will find ways to do more with less.


As a dedicated environmentalist and co-founder/president of the non-profit environmental organization, Healthy Hawaii Coalition, I support balancing development with the protection and preservation of our agricultural lands, open green spaces, and water resources. We should be moving away from the traditional "suburban sprawl" and towards "smart-growth" concepts that are more sustainable. Hawaii is blessed with an abundance of natural resources that should be utilized for renewable energy.


Hawaii’s housing prices are through the roof.  We should reduce red tape and provide incentives to developers to build more affordable housing.  We should also have strong penalties in place to discourage land/housing speculation and reward long-time homeowners with tax breaks.  Government needs to involve the public via online forums and polling to come up with solutions to our housing crisis.

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