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Mike's Music...Mike's Heart

Mike and Carol GabbardDear Friends

As a haole girl from the Midwest, I didn’t know anything about Hawaii. I thought the meaning of aloha was as simple as ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. When I first met Mike, I quickly learned of the deep love and appreciation he has for Hawaii, her people and the aina. And when I fell in love with Mike, I also fell in love with Hawaii and the aloha spirit that he embodied. It has been my honor to be by his side for the past 40 years. I believe that the most important thing we can know about a candidate is their heart. In knowing a person’s heart, we come to know if we can trust them - and anyone who wants to know Mike’s heart need only listen to him sing.

Carol Gabbard

P.S. Below is a sampling from Mike's CD "Stand as One".

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Hawai’i Aloha
Mike Gabbard
Pastor Lorenzo Lyons

This traditional Hawaiian song of aloha was originally penned by Pastor Lorenzo Lyons in the 19th Century. It is often sung at meetings or gatherings to express our solidarity, common heritage, and our shared values of love for Hawaii, her land, and her people.

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A Hawai’ian Lullaby
(Peter Moon & Hector Venegas)
Mike Gabbard - 2:23

This soothing, evocative musical tribute to the simple life in Hawaii is a favorite of mine. It reminds me of a day when I was sitting on the beach on Kauai and a rainbow suddenly appeared where it should not have been - because there was no rain! It was just pure liquid Hawaiian sunshine.

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E Kupono Me Ke Aloha
(Mike Gabbard & Leon Siu)
(Stand for what's right with love)

Leon and I co-wrote and performed this song at the Stand Up For America Rally at Waikiki Shell in Honolulu on September 29, 2001 . The central theme is putting aside our differences and working together to get the job done. The traditional chant was used by Hawaiians as they chopped a tree down in the mountains, then hauled it to the seaside to make a canoe.

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Malama ia Hawai’i
(Mike Gabbard)

I wrote this as a protest song to those who are not concerned about retaining the natural beauty of Hawai‘i. “Malama” means “to protect”, and that is what we must all do if we’re to be good stewards of this beautiful land (‘aina) that God has entrusted us with. To find out more about the battle to save Wa‘ahila Ridge, Click Here.

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Kyrie Eleison
Mike Gabbard

I spent my freshman year of high school in the seminary. One of the highlights was being one of 200 male voices chanting the Kyrie at Sunday Mass.

  1. Hawai’i Aloha (Pastor Lorenzo Lyons)
    Mike Gabbard and friends- 5:10
  2. Hawai’ian Lullaby (Peter Moon & Hector Venegas) Mike Gabbard- 2:23
  3. E Kupono Me Ke Aloha (Intro)- 3:05
  4. E Kupono Me Ke Aloha (Leon Siu & Mike Gabbard) Leon and Mike- 3:50
  5. Malama ia Hawai’i (Mike Gabbard) Mike Gabbard- 6:17
  6. Kyrie Eleison (Lord Have Mercy, Christ Have Mercy) Mike Gabbard- 2:23

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