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State Bar: Chief Justice Nominee 'Unqualified'

August 2, 2010

Visit KITV.com to read the full article

Some parents want minors banned from rave dance parties

July 3, 2010

“It was like a tidal wave just hit our family.”

The mother of a 14-year-old who wishes to be anonymous remembers the hell she went through when her teen ran away from home. Read Full Article

Hawaii joins hands to protest off-shore oil drilling

June 26, 2010

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - A clean energy movement.

Hawaii residents joined the rest of the nation to send a message that the U.S. should move away from its dependence on oil.

An estimated 35,000 to 60,000 barrels of oil have been spewing for 67 days now, while BP collects about half of that amount. Read Full Article

Half Of Lawmakers' Children Attend Private Schools

May 20, 2010

Punahou Top School Choice For State Officials

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Lawmakers Consider Leaf Blower Ban

February 18, 2010

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Senate Passes Civil Unions Bill

January 22, 2010

Civil unions advanced at the state legislature on Friday, but the issue could run headlong into election-year politics before coming up for final passage. Read Full Article



Sen. Mike Gabbard Criticizes Distribution of H1N1 Vaccine

December 13, 2009

State Senator Mike Gabbard is criticizing the state's distribution of the H1N1 flu vaccine. Read Full Article

April Visitors Show Continuing Tourism Slump

May 27, 2009

The latest visitor numbers show arrivals and spending are down again, but those who are coming are staying longer.

April is the first time to compare year-to-year numbers since Aloha Airlines and ATA shut down. It was supposed to have been rosier -- but proved to have few bright spots. Read Full Article

Lines Drawn Over Civil Unions Bill

February 17, 2009

HONOLULU - Before the sun came up they were there waving and waving signs. The lineup of about a dozen people along Farrington Highway was a small section of a larger group who say no to civil unions.
Alan Spector's one of many who say yes. Read Full Article

Civil Unions Reawaken Gay Marriage Divisions

February 5, 2009

HONOLULU - The decade-old battle lines over same-sex marriage in Hawaii are being redrawn as lawmakers consider civil unions.

Opponents of civil union measures say it's just same-sex marriage in a different package. Supporters say public opinion has shifted since Hawaii became the first state to ban gay marriage in its constitution.
Read Full Article

Panel to Hold Hearing on Blackout

January 5, 2009

Gabbard Wants Answers On Cause, Length Of Outage

HONOLULU -- Some powerful state senators are seeking an explanation for why the power went out the day after Christmas and why it took so long to restore it. The chairman of the Senate committee on energy and environment announced Sunday he'll hold a hearing later this month to look into the power outage.
Parts of Oahu were without electricity all night Dec. 26 and into the next day.

Public Hearing Set to Discuss Power Outage

January 4, 2009

HONOLULU - December 26th is still fresh on the minds of many across Oahu. The blackout didn't just leave thousands in the dark...it left business and restaurant owners in the red.

"All in all it probably cost me six-eight thousand dollars in losses," says Win Schoneman, Bubbies Franchise Owner.

"The economic repercussions are huge," says Senator Mike Gabbard, Energy Committee Chair.
Read Full Article

Senate Responds to Power Outage

January 4, 2009

HONOLULU - More than a week after the lights went out across Oahu unanswered questions are prompting a deeper investigation.

State lawmakers will hold a special briefing to find out exactly what caused the blackout why it took so long to restore power and what can be done in the future. Read Full Article

Lawmakers Seek Answers from Hawaiian Electric on Blackout

January 4, 2009

HONOLULU - It's been just over a week since an island wide blackout left businesses and residents without power for more than day in some parts of Oahu.

Many are still in the dark as to what caused the outage, and why it took so long to have power restored. Lawmakers are hoping to get answers from Hawaiian Electric officials. Read Full Article



Prop 8 Protest at Honolulu Hale

November 15, 2008

HONOLULU - They rallied from our nation's capital to the steps at San Francisco City Hall. Then to the streets of Honolulu. Here, more than 300 people crowded the lawn near Honolulu Hale, in protest of California's newly passed ban on same sex marriage.
"We're out for everybody and it's equality for all," Thomas Larabee said.

Proposition 8 passed on election night with 52 percent of the vote, just five months after the California Supreme Court overturned the ban against gay marriage. Read Full Article

Hawaii Gay Marraige Supporters Excited Over California's Decision

May 15, 2008


View video of KITV-4 news story


Debate Heats Up Over Same-Sex Marriages

May 15, 2008

HONOLULU -The question now is...will California's supreme court ruling set a precedent for the rest of the country?

One thing that most seemed to agree on is that times are changing especially when it comes down to the issue of civil unions.

Marriage is a gift they want everyone to be able to experience...

And in 30 days, same-sex couples in California will be able to make that commitment.

. .... Read Article

Residents Want Genetically Modified Foods Labeled

February 24, 2008

HONOLULU - The rainbow papaya is pumped-up to be more powerful, genetically modified to resist the destructive ringspot virus. It's a stronger fruit, but it looks the same as an organic papaya. Some said that is the problem.

"I just think it makes sense that people have a choice in what they buy," said Shelly Wilkinson, a concerned Big Island resident. .... Read Article

View video of KGMB-9 news story


Senator Gabbard switches to Democratic Party

Thursday, August 30, 2007

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The Democrats in Hawaii now have a new member to add to its party list. Senator Mike Gabbard announced Thursday he is switching parties to become a Democrat.

Gabbard says his decision was made after discussing his intentions with his daughter who served as a former State Representative.

With supporters by his side, Gabbard says.... Read Article

Sen. Gabbard makes party switch official

Thursday, August 30, 2007

HONOLULU -- State Sen. Mike Gabbard officially joined the Democratic Party on Thursday, switching from the Republican Party he had been a part of since 2000.

Gabbard signed his party card at the Hawaii Democratic Party headquarters with Chairman Mike McCartney, Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, other Democratic leaders and his family.

The former Republican said his decision took a lot of soul searching.

"Some people have told me that my move could damage me politically, but I can't make my decision based on politics. I have to make my decisions based on my conscience, on how I can best serve the people of Hawaii," Gabbard said.


Legislature Clears Half-Way Mark

KHON Channel 2
March 8, 2007

This year's state legislative session has reached the half-way mark, with the last handful of bills crossing between the House and Senate.

Senators wrapped up measures about rural health care, the Hawaii Superferry and recycling today. The House took action taken on health benefit rights for those government employees in non-married relationships.

One of the last measures to make crossover extends state and county health benefits to what are called "reciprocal beneficiaries." That can mean an auntie or grandfather, and same sex..... Read Article


Bill Would Prevent Burglars From Suing Homeowners

KHON Channel 2
February 26, 2007

You use force against a burglar entering your home only to find out months later that you’re the target of a civil lawsuit by the very criminal you stopped. It’s not a joke or a bad dream – it’s happening all across the country as criminals try to cash in on homeowners who defend their life and property with firearms or their bare hands.

State Senator Mike Gabbard, a republican who represents the communities of Waikele, Makakilo and Ko 'Olina says it’s time for Hawaii citizens to feel empowered when facing down would-be burglars.... Read Article


New Senate Bill Reignites Same-Sex Marriage Debate

February 1, 2007

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The debate over same-sex marriage in Hawaii heats up once again, with a new senate bill re-visiting the issue. If passed, SB-1062 would give gay couples the same rights and benefits as heterosexual married couples. It's a controversial topic and each side is poised for a major battle.

The Snyder-Rivers family lives in Wahiawa. For the most part, they're typical except two moms lead this household. Under a new senate proposal, families like this would get the same rights and benefits as straight married families .... Read Article



Senate District 19 - Kalaeloa, Kapolei and Makakilo

November 8, 2006

Democratic Candidates State Senate District 19
Chuck Anthony 283 12%
Janice Salcedo Lehner 737 31%
George S. Yamamoto 887 38%

Republican Candidates State Senate District 19
Robert Fong 114 20%
Mike Gabbard 413 72%


Voters Faced Closed Doors, Lack Of Ballots

KITV The Hawaii Channel
November 8, 2006

HONOLULU -- Several politicians on Wednesday called for changes or an investigation at the highest levels of the state Office of Elections. There were numerous problems at the polls on Tuesday.

A newly elected state senator and the chairman of the Republican Party said all that trouble is causing Hawaii voters to lose faith in the state's election system. Problems started before the polls opened and continued until after they closed. .... Read Article


Winners Could Determine Leadership

KITV The Hawaii Channel
November 8, 2006

HONOLULU -- Hawaii Democrats and Republicans saw a few seats change parties in the state Legislature on Tuesday night.

Democrats picked up two additional seats in the state House and maintained their hold on the Senate.

Two political newcomers: Della Au Bellati won a seat representing the Makiki and Tantalus area and Karl Rhodes in the Kakaako and Waikiki area. .... Read Article


Candidates Running For Kapolei District 19

KHON Channel 2
September 4, 2006

Kapolei is represented by Brian Kanno in the senate - he is not seeking re-election. All five candidates agree traffic is the number one issue facing the residents of their district. Community activist and entrepreneur Mike Gabbard said the solution may still be waiting.

Gabbard says, "get the players involved - the landowners, the developers, the city and county, state and federal officials, the environmental groups, the business leaders and of course, the transportation engineers and experts. Lock them in a room and say, come together, what is the solution for this?"


Election Commission Clears Gabbard Of Improper Donations

KITV News - Channel 4
May 18, 2006

HONOLULU -- The Federal Election Commission has cleared former Councilman Mike Gabbard of a complaint that he received improper campaign donations in 2004, when he ran unsuccessfully against Rep. Ed Case to represent Hawaii 's 2nd Congressional District.

Big Island resident Alex Achmat made the complaint, claiming Gabbard was receiving large campaign donations from people with modest incomes. Achmat claimed that those people were then reimbursed by others who wanted to circumvent campaign spending limits.

The FEC dismissed Achmat's complaint as meritless, saying he did not offer any proof that Gabbard's donors were being reimbursed by others... Read Article


House Seat Up For Grabs As Rep. Case Runs For Senate

KITV The Hawaii Channel
March 1, 2006

HONOLULU -- Honolulu Prosecutor Peter Carlisle said on Wednesday that he is considering making a run for the congressional seat being vacated by Democratic Rep. Ed Case.

Carlisle is the only potential candidate for Congress who's already been elected to island-wide office on Oahu. That's a good place from which to start a campaign for the nation's capital. Case will not run for re-election. Instead, he chose to run for the U.S. Senate against Sen. Daniel Akaka. .... Read Article


Candidates Make Rush For Case's House Seat

KITV News Channel
January 20, 2006

HONOLULU -- The announcement by Rep. Ed Case to for go re-election to the U.S. House for a chance at the Senate has sparked a flurry of political activity. A number of politicians are now throwing their names into the race for Congress.

State Sen. Ron Menor walked to the federal building with his wife, Patricia, to announce on Friday that he will run for Case's seat. Menor ran unsuccessfully against Patsy Mink for the same congressional seat 15 years ago. .... Read Article

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