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SB 702

Relating to Firearms

This bill would raise the limit for an ammunition magazine for a handgun from 10 to 15 rounds.


SB 698

Relating to State Employees

This bill would establish a one-year pilot workplace flexibility program for state employees. The program would be coordinated by the Department of Transportation (DOT). DOT would select at least three other state agencies to have 10% or more of their workforce in the pilot. State employees would be able to choose from three flexible work options: telework (working from home), compressed work weeks (40-hour week in 4 days), and flextime (flexible start and work hours). The bill would help reduce traffic congestion across the state.


SB 699 SD 1

Relating to Veterans License Plates

This bill would make it so veterans could obtain specialty license plates at no charge. This bill would allow the State to give something back to the veterans who make such great personal sacrifices to defend our country and freedoms.


SB 701

Relating to Health

This bill would require the Department of Health to collect and analyze the number of adverse events (medical errors) which occur at health care facilities in the state. It would require the Department of Health to produce a report each year and make this information readily available to the public on its website. This bill would help consumers be better informed when making health care decisions and would also help to reduce adverse events.


SB 1213

Relating to Capitol Improvement Projects for the Benefit of the Nineteenth Senatorial District

This bill would provide $122 million in funding for various capitol improvement projects in Senate District 19. Projects include construction funding for schools, roads, and the University of Hawaii West Oahu campus. The funding would go a long way in helping to improve the quality of life for people in the district.


SB 1617

Relating to Limiting Civil Liability

This bill would prevent a property owner from being held liable for civil damages for any injuries that a criminal would suffer in the commission of a crime. The bill would help protect innocent homeowners from being sued for protecting themselves and their families.


SB 1618

Relating to Unadjudicated Traffic Fines

This bill would require the State to give the counties the revenue from unadjudicated traffic fines. Currently, the county police departments issue these citations but the funds go to the State. This bill would help county police departments by giving them additional funding to fight crime and protect the public.


SB 1695

Relating to the Issuance of Revenue Bonds for the Purchase of Land to Develop Kalaeloa Community Development District

This bill would allow the Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) to purchase lands in Kalaeloa for development purposes. HCDA is a state agency and the intention is ensure that Kalaeloa becomes a center for economic progress with a focus on alternative energy and other environmentally friendly companies.


SB 1652

Relating to Workers' Rights

This bill would allow the Director of the Department of Labor to reopen workers compensation cases in the event that the settlement was obtained as a result of exertion of undue influence or as a result of the disability or mental incompetence of the employee.


SB 1696

Relating to College Savings Program

This bill would allow for a state income tax deduction of up to $5,000 per individual return and $10,000 per joint return for parents who invest in Hawaii 's 529 college savings programs. The bill would help parents who want to get a head start on saving for their children's college education. This bill would give more young people the opportunity to attend college.


SB 1889

Relating to Education

This bill would allow the Department of Education to set a debit card system for teachers, so that they could make purchases of school supplies. Currently, many teachers have to buy many school related materials from money out of their own pockets. The debit card system would give teacher a set limit on how much they could spend and would come in handy when they need to purchase things for their classrooms.


SB 1890

Relating to Transient Vacation Rentals

This bill would prohibit transient vacation rentals that do not currently have permits to operate. The bill would also give funding to the counties for enforcement. Currently, many communities in the state are burdened with the negative consequences that come with the proliferation of illegal transient rentals. This bill aims to help reduce the problem.


SB 1891 -

Relating to Public Lands

This bill would re-establish criminal penalties for violations of the Department of Land and Natural Resources' (DLNR) rules. These provisions were removed from the law several years ago by the State Legislature. Currently, there is a big problem with ATVs and other vehicles illegally driving on our beaches. The bill would allow DLNR Enforcement police officers to arrest violators, confiscate vehicles, and issue criminal citations.


SB 1892

Relating to the Sex Offender Registry

This bill would require sex offenders, who do not have a permanent address, to register with the Chief of Police every 90 days. This bill would help protect public safety, because the police and the public would be informed of the whereabouts of known sex offenders.


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