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"As I've been knocking on doors throughout the district, I've met many wonderful people and gotten an "earful" about community concerns and improvements that need to be made. Here are some of the folks I've met." - Mike


“We love Mike because he listens. We were upset when he changed parties. We are staunch Republicans but after talking to Mike and, more importantly, watching his voting record, it convinced us that he cares more about his constituents than about the party. It is a pleasure to be able to call him our senator and our friend.”

Ralph and Judy Riley

Pete and Marty Elson

“We appreciate Mike’s continuous stand for righteousness in our community. He is a strong advocate for family values. We are also thankful for his recent efforts to reduce Hawaii’s dependence on domestic and foreign oil. He is leading the way for expanding renewable energy. He has a heart and vision for the ongoing commitment to our ‘Second City’—Kapolei.”

Pete and Marty Elson
Ko Olina

Asopaolo Mauga-Asuega

"Senator Gabbard is an easy person to communicate with. I want to see him re-elected as our Senator, so that we will continue to have someone we can trust."

Asopaolo Mauga-Asuega
Village Park

Steve Reimers

"Mike Gabbard is one of my heroes. He has a tough job to do, and it does it well, basing his efforts and decisions on his convictions rather than on peer pressure. I am confident that without Mike’s efforts and his personal sacrifices made in the fight against same-sex marriage, or the equally-unwanted “civil unions” bill (which was another name for same-sex marriage), we would have that mess as law in our state today. Mike is one of the only politicians I know that actually has community meetings at a place where folks are able to go, at a time they can go, and where he actually listens to ideas and comments from his constituents. Our energy policy in this state has to change – and Mike is one of the few people I know who can actually do it. The same applies to our traffic problems – Mike is taking these issues on and making progress. I urge anyone who reads this to put your support behind this man – I’m actually a registered republican yet I support Mike fully because in Hawaii, it really doesn’t matter what you are, it matters how you vote and what you can accomplish. And Mike gets the job done, in a way that supports a conservative, Judeo-Christian world view."

Stephen P. Reimers

Susan Araki

"Senator Gabbard does a lot of good for the communities he serves. As a public servant, he is very responsive to the concerns of many, not just the communities her represents. My hope is that he’ll be re-elected to another term as a Hawai’i state senator for Oahu’s District 19."

Susan Amoi Araki

Stanley and Roberta Jones

"We so much appreciate Sen. Gabbard keeping us informed at his Listen-Story events. He follows through and gets results."

Stanley & Roberta Jones

Souza Family

"We love that Sen. Gabbard is always accessible and responsive. Every time we have called him about a concern he has quickly responded and taken action. He holds monthly community meetings when people can come and talk about anything that is on their mind, and then he follows up with good solutions."

Franklin & Evelyn Souza, kids, grand kids and great grand kids

Beverly Larranaga

"Senator Gabbard is my favorite senator on the island not just because he is my district senator but also because he believes in traditional family values. He votes and represents all of my values as a constituent. He stands for what he believes and does not back down under pressure.:

Beverly Larranaga

Donald Mack

"Senator Mike Gabbard is trustworthy & dependable. He listens to us & does something; whereas, today many Democratic liberal incumbents have their own agenda, and completely disregard & ignore their constituents. For example, in the last Legislature, Sen. Gabbard took the first giant step in proposing to ban fireworks which has become a health & safety hazard to many, many of us, young & elderly. Additionally, he has supported us on crime & fire prevention, been against the civil union bill, and strived to get us jobs, while helping balance the state budget. I would vote for him without hesitancy or reservation and urge all my friends in this District, especially members of St. Joseph Church, to support Sen. Gabbard."

Donald Mack, Colonel (ret.), Airborne Ranger, U.S. Army

Ted White

"As the Previous President of the Kumulani Homeowners' Association, issues would arise requiring me to contact various elected public officials. I can state without a doubt that the fastest response always came from Senator Gabbard and his outstanding staff. Not only would Senator Gabbard's office take an interest in the problems raised, they would spend significant time assisting me. The Senator's office would research the various issues and provide me with remedies. They would also arrange for other public officials to contact me and in one instance, they even received a response from the Chief of Police of the Honolulu Police Department. It was obvious to me that I was dealing with experienced and intelligent people who knew how to get things done. As far as I am concerned, any public official willing to work this hard for his or her constituents deserves all of our votes."

Edwin ("Ted") White, Attorney at Law (retired)

Lorraine Martinez

"Mike Gabbard has dealt with an even hand in his voting as our Senator on many occasions. He stands strong for environmental issues and for other initiatives that would benefit the working class. Our representatives cannot be all things to all people, so we may not agree on some issues. He must follow the law, the constitution, and work for the betterment of his constituents. I strongly support Senator Gabbard to represent myself and this district in the upcoming elections. In the recent past I’ve called the Senator to support us on an issue that would have been detrimental to our community. He gladly picked up the baton and fought back. I am very thankful for his support."

Lorraine Martinez
Honokai Hale

richard Silva

"I think Senator Gabbard’s greatest attribute is that he always makes himself available to his constituents. I commend him for that."

Richard Silva

Jayne Arasaki

"Senator Mike Gabbard is accessible to the people—coffee hours, phone, emails, etc.—he is very available and willing to listen to the people. He seems to be aware of the needs of the community. Senator Gabbard has helped me and my family. He has proven himself to be a champion in helping others."

Jayne Arasaki
Villages of Kapolei

David Oneal

"Mike is more than a Senator, he is a friend. He works hard for our community and he responds to any questions or concerns in record time! He volunteers to read to kids in schools and he has great family values. He communicates with his district through his “Listen Story” sessions, so we are always well informed. It’s an honor to call Mike Gabbard my Senator and friend."

David O’Neal
Royal Kunia

Joey Rodrigues

"There was an incident where I needed someone’s help and no one would help me so I turned to Senator Gabbard. Immediately the response I got was ‘remarkable’. I’m a coach for girls softball, including some that live at a homeless shelter, are from broken homes, and who have been rejected by other teams. We could not get a field to practice on and the City was not helping us at all. Mr. Gabbard immediately made a few phone calls and just like that I received calls from the City and other personnel. We now have a field we can practice on and our team made it all the way to the Championships. That just goes to show you that Senator Gabbard does care about the future of our kids. All of our parents and youth are very grateful to Mr. Gabbard."

Joey Rodrigues
Ewa Beach

George Furtado

“Of any politicians I have ever known, Senator Gabbard has impressed me as being the most honest, trustworthy and hardest working of all.

In the fall of 2007 he personally intervened to find out why our new subdivision was built without mailboxes. The new residents of Kaupe'a were required to sign for postal boxes that were located 2 miles away at the Kapolei Branch Postal Unit. This was totally unacceptable to every resident! He resolved the issue by having the Postal authorities build a group of cluster boxes located in the center of the community. Needless to say, to this day, the entire community of over 350 residents are very happy to have this service. Especially the people who had no transportation to check their mail. It brings the community together as they can walk to and from the boxes and visit with each other along the way.

I would also like to acknowledge the Senator's work in the area of renewable energy. The satisfaction of knowing that our elected official is working hard to make our community a more energy efficient place to live in is why I will vote for Mike Gabbard.”

George Furtado

“I appreciate Mike's passion for educational issues and his honesty about tough issues. His sincerity is refreshing. He's got my vote. ”

Farell Uyehara

Mikes Supporter Farell Uyehara

"I support Mike because we share many of the same views and values.”

Young Kim

Mike's Supporter Young Kim
Mike's Supporters Kathy and Leilani Lippincott

"Mike is a candidate who is firm in his values. His values will guide his lawmaking which will be consistent, just, and beneficial for all constituents regardless of their political affiliation."

Kathy and Leilani Lippincott

"Na kupuna teach us to give of our time and talents for the privilege of living in such a beautiful place- Hawaii .  Mike Gabbard has spent years giving back to the people of Hawaii- as councilman, teacher, small business owner and in his church."

Peter and Luann Sackrider
Ko Olina

Mike's Supporters Peter and Luann Sackrider
Mike's Supporter Angelito Mercado

"Mike is a man of conviction.  I like Mike because we share the same ideals and purpose for my family and conservative Americans in particular.  He truly needs the support of every Hawaiian who looks to a progressive future."

Angelito Mercado

"Mike's an outstanding candidate to run for State Senate.  He has high standards and morals which we stand for.  He is hard working, friendly and loving person.  A family man.  May God bless him and his family."

Joseph and Sharon Allen

Mike's Supporters Joseph and Sharon Allen
Mike's supporters Bob and Beverly Linczer

"We support Mike because we agree on some very basic social and moral issues."

Bob and Beverly Linczer

"We support Mike for his outstanding integrity, honesty, and willingness to get the job done."

Don and Beth McGee

Mike's supporters Don and Beth McGee
Mike's supporters Mary Yoshimura and kids

"Mike is a very warm, generous person. He is articulate and genuine - the kind of person who is easy to get to know.  My family and I would support his cause with gusto!"

Mary Yoshimura and kids

"I fully support the things that Mike stands for!"

Kevin Maley
Honokai Hale

Mike's supporter Kevin Maley
Nadia riggs

"Bummer!  I like Mike, but I gotta wait 17 years and 11 months to vote for him."

Nadia Riggs

"I respect Mike for coming to my house.  He's the first politician that actually cared enough to take the time and effort to talk to me personally.  I hope he gets in."

Deo and Norma Andres

Mike's supporters Deo and Norma Andres
Mike's supporter Donald Brown

"I like Mike."

Donald Brown

Having worked as Mike's senior advisor for two years at the Honolulu City Council, I know firsthand that Mike makes his decisions based on what is best for the people and not "for the powers that be" and the "old boys".

Ron and Cissy Boyer

Mike's supporters Ron and Cissy Boyer
Mike's supporter Hazel Capinpin

"I respect Mike Gabbard for coming to my house and going door-to-door.  We talked about the traffic problem out here in Kapolei and he promised to do his job of making sure something gets done about it.  My family will vote for Mike and hope he wins.  We need a good leader for Hawaii ."

Hazel Capinpin
Honokai Hale

"Mike is a very humble guy who knows how to deal with all kinds of people.  His personality is down to earth.  We need someone like Mike who knows how to listen to our needs."

Winnie Mateo

Mike's supporter Winnie Mateo
supporters Peter Umi and Wanda Simpliciano

"Mike Gabbard is a positive asset to our community and also a positive influence."

Peter Umi and Wanda Simpliciano

"Mike will work hard even for us kids!"

Connie & Rachel Kim and Stacey & Bethesda Camacho
Royal Kunia

supporters Connie & Rachel Kim and Stacey & Bethesda Camacho
Mike's supporters Stanley and Rebecca Camacho

"Mike is a hard worker who will get the job done no matter what it takes. We need that kind of leadership at the Capitol."

Stanley and Rebecca Camacho
Royal Kunia

"Mike understands our traffic problem and will do a better job of making sure something gets done about it."

Peggy Harris

Mike's supporter Peggy Harris
supporter Napoleon Bragado

"I have known Mike and Carol way back when their son and our youngest daughter were playing tennis as 8-9 year olds.  Mike did a lot of good work when he was on the City Council.  I'm sure he'll come through for us again once he gets elected."

Napoleon Bragado

"I like Mike because of his family values and support of small businesses."

Bill Reynolds

Mike's supporter Bill Reynolds
MIke's supporter Linda Kato

"Mike is knowledgeable about all the issues and will represent our community well in the Senate."

Linda Kato
Village Park

" Mike is fair, independent, and not beholden to special interests ."

Ross Rolirad

Mike's supporter Ross Rolirad
Mike's supporters Barbara Masaniai

"Mike is a man of integrity.  He's a people person and a family man."

Barbara Masaniai

"Mike isn't just another politician like all the others out there.  He's a great leader that has the ability to bring diverse people together for a good cause."

Doris Woolsey

supporter Doris Woolsey

supporters Ross Fredericks and son Brad

“Mike expresses and exemplifies the morals of a good man.  We should have a lot more like him in public office.”

Ross Fredericks and son Brad



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